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Setting the Stage for a Christmas Miracle?

December 1, 2011

Do you ever watch soap operas? It always seems like it’s about this time of year that the writers throw in some really dramatic storyline. Someone is missing, someone needs a heart transplant, etc. Whatever they need is always found on Christmas Eve. Always a Christmas miracle. Being a soap opera, of course, it is always drawn out, looking more and more dire until the very last moment when the hero comes through practically riding on Santa’s sleigh.

Do you suppose that sometimes God sees himself as the greatest soap opera writer ever? I wonder about such silly things, especially at times like these. I am once again in perpetual limbo about a diagnosis and prognosis for Mary. That’s really nothing new, though. My friend is out in New York right now with her son who is fighting his 3rd relapse of neuroblastoma. You can read a little of the backstory here. Tonight his family is asking for prayers again. Seems the doctors might have found something. It could be nothing, or it could be something. Scary stuff when you consider what they are looking for. I’m hoping it’s nothing. I’m praying for that Christmas miracle, without quite so much drawn out drama. If you’re reading this, I hope you will pray for that too. Take a minute tonight, and every night. Pray for this little boy, his family and all those like him that are fighting this fight. Our struggles with autism pale in comparison to the life and death battle this family fights each day. They need our prayers. Thanks.

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