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Sick of Sickness!

December 2, 2011

So Joyce came down with a fever last Tuesday afternoon just after I had gotten back from a full day of testing at the hospital for Mary. Joyce’s fever and vomiting lasted until the following Monday. (yes, that’s 7 days….) She missed Thanksgiving dinner with both sets of grandparents at the same time. It also delayed our normal day after Thanksgiving trip out to the Christmas tree farm where we cut down our own tree. Well, we couldn’t very well go without her! She wound up getting so dehydrated that we had to bring her into the ER for IV fluids. We got home from the hospital Sunday night.

Later that night, Troy comes down with the fever. Apparently it’s going around. Yesterday, determined to get that tree before his grandparents head home tomorrow, Troy decides to trick me- 7 year old style. I told him we couldn’t go get the tree until his fever was down (these fevers have been up over 104). So smart boy he is, he takes a cold shower to bring down his fever. Through chattering teeth with blue lips, he explains to me that we can go get our tree now because he is better. His fever then continued to climb up over 104. He’s lucky he didn’t send himself into convulsions!

So it goes with the sickness. I’m sure most kids are loads of fun when they’re sick. Mine are even more so. Like I always tell people, my kids are just like other kids, only more so. So they get tired and grouchy and pick on each other and all that. Now enter the sensory issues. Lots of people get sensitive skin with a fever. Joyce burst into tears if someone even brushed against her hair. The lights were too bright, the music too loud, etc. Troy is my little sensory seeker. He wants constantly to be in motion, going somewhere,doing something. Keeping him home for the most part because his sister was sick, and then keeping him home from school for a week because he is sick. Oy! You can imagine how much fun my house has been. We had to cancel or reschedule all of the children’s therapists this week. There is an entire mini-economy built around these children.

Here’s hoping that the weekend brings down the fever, and doesn’t add another to the list (Mary, with her compromised immune system and suspected mitochondrial disease has yet to catch this plague…. ) We really need to go get our Christmas tree!

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