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A Boy and his Horses….

September 21, 2013

I’ve been stewing, pondering, and obsessing over this whole Mary-might-have-mito thing. It’s depressing. It’s terrifying. It is information that I need to know. That said, it’s Friday. And despite what it may appear from this blog, (where I mostly vent the scary stuff so that the scary stuff doesn’t get vented on my kids) we do lead rather charmed lives. And very often there is great humor in humoring my kids’ autistic interests. I say it that way, because if you have ever known someone with autism and witnessed their ability to obsess on a particular interest, you will understand, it is something to stand in awe of. And so I give you, my son’s latest topic of interest. 😉

20130920-185728.jpgTroy on his new obsession

My son has always had a thing for cars. He has literally hundreds of matchbox and hot wheels cars. He has many many remote controlled cars. He pages through Car and Driver magazine like it was the most amazing comic book ever written. He researches designs for various types of cars and engines, his dream being to build a solar powered car and have his own car company. And I really believe that he will. He also loves his bike. He loves the speed of it, the exercise he gets from it. The gears shifting, the wheels turning. Oh, how it thrills him.

But he has a new love now.


No, you’re not seeing double, triple or quadruple. Those are four Wheel Horse Tractors in front of my garage. Why Wheel Horse? Well, it seems that they just don’t make them like that anymore. And Troy has learned how to navigate Craig’s List to hunt them down. And well, Daddy hasn’t exactly drawn the line on this one…. Actually, I think he’s in on it…..

“Honey, Troy and I need to borrow the minivan for something…”


Yes. That’s a tractor in the back of my minivan…… Sigh…..

How did this happen, you ask? Well, it’s quite simple really. Troy found two tractors on Craigslist for $1100, “and they are Wheel Horse Tractors, just like Jido’s (his grandfather’s). That’s a really great deal!” And of course, when his Daddy can negotiate it down to $850, it’s an even better deal. Hey, it even included a snow plow and wheel chains. Who cares that one of them has a bad engine…

Wait…. What? Did you seriously just bring back a tractor that won’t even run?

Don’t worry, Mom, all we have to do is get a new engine for it….. Cue the third tractor, purchased, again, off of Craigs List…

But Mom, it runs so nice, we can’t just tear it apart….. We’ll just buy another one for it’s engine…… Yeah. A fourth tractor. Because. You know, we have two whole acres… (Mind you one of those is wooded, so not really a lot to mow, but hey….)

They told me they would sell one. That they would scrap the fourth…..

They have dismantled one, taking the engine for the second tractor and sending the transmission to Jido for his old Wheel Horse…. So we’re down to three. And tonight, Troy started lobbying me for another one. Because apparently we need a 416H for plowing snow, a 518H for cutting grass, a 418h for a woods tractor and then a 520 H might be useful as a snow thrower…… Well, of course……

Matchbox cars were much simpler times….

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