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Finding Rainbows

October 10, 2014


Five years. My baby girl is five years old today. I have to keep repeating it to myself, to make it real…. She’s not a baby anymore. She is growing into such a strong intelligent little person. She is advocating for herself now. She is engaging in life on a whole new level now, no longer the little baby to be carted around by her mama and told what to do by her sister and brother… She’s a big kid. She’s five.


We celebrated her all last week in Disney World. (I promise a post of pictures and details on that later. 😉 ) There couldn’t have been a more perfect place to celebrate my little princess. My husband says she is like a completely different person when she is there. If you don’t believe in magic and pixie dust, then spend a day there with my sweet baby girl. You will be swept away by all that magic you say you don’t believe in. My normally serious and observant little girl becomes a cheering, giggling smiling royal princess when she is surrounded by all this magic. And of course, thanks to her birthday button, everyone at Disney knew her and wished her a happy birthday.


But the real treat came this morning at school. As I walked her in, I could hear her friends – she has so many wonderful friends at this amazing school- saying to each other, “she’s here! The birthday girl is here!” As they each approached her, excitedly but quietly to wish her a happy birthday. She happily tapped her birthday button and smiled with delight. My heart was so full, I had to leave before it overflowed oh of my leaky mama eyes.

As special needs parents, we make so many decisions for our kids, and we are often uncertain of whether we are making the right ones. Watching Mary’s friends approach her today with such an easy respect and acceptance and watching her smile so proudly as they started celebrating her special day, it was so clear that we got this one right. They know her- they know not to overwhelm her. They like her, they celebrate with her, and they treat her as an equal. What a beautiful gift they all are to each other.

I am so proud of the person she is growing up to be. I am so grateful for this time we have been given. While we never know what the future will bring us, I am so excited to continue this amazing journey with this little blessing. In so many ways, we have found in her the magic that so many people spend their whole lives searching for.

Happy Birthday sweet Princess.


Why are there so many songs about rainbows
And what’s on the other side
Rainbows are visions
But only illusions
And rainbows have nothing to hide
So we’ve been told
And some choose to believe it
I know they’re wrong, wait and see

Someday we’ll find it
The rainbow connection
The lovers, the dreamers, and me

Who said that every wish
Would be heard and answered
When wished on the morning star
Somebody thought of that
And someone believed it
Look what it’s done so far

What’s so amazing that keeps us stargazing
And what do we think we might see
Someday we’ll find it
The rainbow connection
The lovers, the dreamers, and me

All of us under its spell
We know that it’s probably magic

Have you been half asleep
And have you heard voices?
I’ve heard them calling my name
Is this the sweet sound
That called the young sailors?
The voice might be one and the same

I’ve heard it too many times to ignore it
It’s something that I’m supposed to be
Some day we’ll find it
The rainbow connection
The lovers, the dreamers, and me
– The Muppets


6 Comments leave one →
  1. October 10, 2014 1:44 pm

    Beautiful and much heartfelt!

  2. Life&Ink permalink
    October 10, 2014 10:07 pm

    Happy birthday indeed! 🙂

  3. October 16, 2014 12:56 pm

    I have leaky eyes too and this post got to me. If I was you in that school that morning I would have been a sobbing mess. I am so glad she had a great time at Disney.

    • October 16, 2014 1:11 pm

      Thanks! I feel so lucky to have here there. They are just wonderful with her. We all had a great time in Disney too! 🙂

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