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I am the mom of three beautiful children, all at very different points on the autism spectrum.  Troy*, my oldest, is nine years old and in fourth grade. He loves cars, bikes, tractors and basically anything with wheels on it. He is the best big brother to his two little sisters, Joyce*, age 6 and Mary*, age 4. Joyce is my princess.  She is in first grade at the same local Catholic school that Troy attends. She loves movies, swinging, princesses and superheroes. Mary is my youngest. She is our little miracle. She has a still unknown genetic syndrome or mitochondrial disorder.  She is autistic and deaf and she has a host of other neurological and physical symptoms. However, despite what many doctors have warned us, she continues to amaze everyone. She loves preschool, she loves to dance, snuggle and watch the trees.  While Troy is more on the Asperger’s end of the spectrum, Mary is much more profoundly autistic, having no formal expressive language, and Joyce falls somewhere in the middle of the two.  My husband is a pilot, so he is often away, leaving me with little “adult” conversation outside of the army of therapists that descend on our house daily. So this is where I come to blow off steam. Thanks for stopping by!


*Names are changed, but the rest is real. 😉

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  1. Katie Christopher permalink
    August 29, 2012 1:37 am


    I am a graduate student at Arizona State University. I have to conduct a parent interview and I am wondering if you would be interested. I have read your blog and have found it quite inspiring and truthful. The interview can be conducted via email or over the phone. Please feel free to contact me via email at

    Thanks so much,

    Katie Christopher

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